EXIT Media is the Broadcasting and Communications wing of EXIT UK.

Our Mission

To Combat Extremism through Compassionate and educational communication. We believe wholeheartedly in challenging Extremism in a Peaceful and non-reactive way. EXIT Media has been set up to promote the good work of EXIT UK through Podcasting, YouTube Programming and Documentaries. EXIT Media not only exists as a Broadcasting operation, we also curate an extensive Resource library for the use of countering Extremism professionally.

Our History

Most of the people who work for us have at one time or another been involved in Extremism. We’re now passionate about preventing others from following in the same foot steps and want to engage the wider community with our message of positivity. EXIT Media was created by EXIT UK in 2021, an organisation that was set up to support individuals looking to leave the Far-Right. Working in Unison with EXIT UK, we are supporting that work with dedicated resources for Professionals and those who are facing the threat of Extremism daily.

EXIT Media is formed of Three Parts:


The foremost in Counter-Extremist Journalism, at the heart of EXIT UK’s work. Here you will find a large collection of curated articles by the EXIT Team for your understanding of the Far-Right.

The EXIT Podcast – Home of ‘Tough Talk’ and a number of dedicated audio based shows. The EXIT Podcast is a series of shows dedicated to having tough conversations based around Extremist themes. Often delving into the most difficult topics, the EXIT Podcast is about creating a wider understanding to reasons why people commit Extremist offences.

EXIT Films – Exit Films provides educational videos from Exit UK with the aim of using education to reduce extremism. We seek to build EXIT Films into a resource hub for those professionally working within Counter Extremism, but to also offer engaging content and documentaries which can be accessed by all.