Nazi Video Games – It’s Time to Act!

It’s no secret that the far-right produce a lot of video games designed to get younger people into their movements, but what are the implications?

The role of far-right recruiters using video games is something that has taken a stark and alarming increase in recent years including children as young as 8 being shown the most extreme and graphic video games.

The role and agenda behind the far-right using these games is to effectively indoctrinate the younger generation into believing that a war of urgency is being fought against people they see are enemies. Seeking to radicalise people at a young age, the far-right seek to use tools that are already familiar to the young person in question i.e., video games and this is particularly dangerous as the recruitment and training process is so quick and promotes violence as the only way forward.

As the technology continues to develop and the far-right take advantage of this—are our children truly safe, when browsing online? Well, we believe not as much as we would like, because if someone clicks the wrong link, then it can take a person on a journey into the world of far-right gaming and then put them in danger as this is where far-right recruiters will seek to engage with them and get them involved. Using this tactic, more and more children are often encouraged, even by their own family to play these games, if the family is far-right, because for them, it’s about preparing the next generation to fight for the cause, but is this right? Well, we don’t think so as the more young people that play these games, the more people involved will believe that violence is the only way forward and that’s not good for them, their families, or the communities they live in, because where might this indoctrination lead to? Looking at this and the damage this does, there is now more urgency than ever to tackle this issue, before it’s too late and we hear about someone being influenced by these types of games hurting people, because what other purpose do these types of games have, other than to promote violence as the only way forward to achieve their political aims.

What we have to do now is ask ourselves—where are the recruiters promoting these video games, and moreover, what do these games look like so we can protect young people.

Typically—lots of far-right video games can be found openly on the internet, if people know the names of the games, then a quick search online and these video games can be found. With titles such as “Black Lives Splatter”, or “Muslim Massacre” these are deeply provocative and intensely racist titles and leave nothing to the imagination as to what these games are all about. In other video games, such as “Angry Goy”—young children are encouraged to shoot ethnic and diverse individuals, under the banner of an EU Flag placed on buildings where victims leave and are attacked, so what is that telling the viewer to do?

Here is an example of how easy these games can be found and downloaded:

Today we are facing a moral pandemic—so what are we going to do protect and prevent children and young people from playing these ‘games’? Let us not kid ourselves that without action, these games will impact the thinking of many of the far-right activists of tomorrow, so we must act today!

Looking at the wider implications upon the children of today and the activists of tomorrow, we need to work in partnership today to educate people on the dangers of these games, the aims of them and reduce as much as we can access to them, because it only takes one person influenced by a game to hurt one or more person.

Seeking answers and solutions, Exit needs your help, to raise awareness, limit access and provide alternatives to games like this and educate people away from believing in extremism.

If you believe extremism is wrong, then reach out to us and together let’s see how we can reduce extremism and create a safer society for us all.

Contact us at:

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