New Albion – Patriotism is About Place Not Race

Patriotism Is About Place Not Race

The nations of the British Isles have some amazing traditions which allow those that want to celebrate our unique traditions & culture.

To help people do this New Albion has been set up, promoting inclusive Patriotism.

Seeking to assist people either as individuals or in small local groups to be patriotic and celebrate our traditions. New Albion has a website at – and a Facebook page at –

Both act as the catalyst for action and give people access to – promotional material, information, videos etc to promote Positive Patriotism.

Seeking to help individuals share stories, memes and more we also encourage people to come together locally. To help we have listed on the website a New Albion Calendar, with just 4 dates we encourage people to mark. These are:

April 23rd – St. George’s Day – Highlighting the National and International relevance of St. George’s Day. Link of Interest –

July 12th – Athelstan Day – Marking the formation of England as one nation in 927. This day is being promoted as England Day. Link of interest –

September 15th – Battle Of Britain Day – This day marks the day in 1940, when a large-scale aerial battle took place.  Link of Interest –

November – Remembrance Sunday – Honouring all those who gave. 

For further information please visit –

Allowing people to mark these occasions, people can both celebrate their love of England and also mark the sacrifice of people who came to our aid, when we really needed support.

Opening other doors, New Albion also believes that people need places to talk, communicate and ask questions. Seeking to stimulate this, we want to help create local and online spaces where people can talk, without judgement or fear of retribution because they are concerned about certain subjects, with nothing off the table these spaces will be open to all who want to talk about things that concern or worry them.

Want to get involved? Just join us on either of the links below. We look forward to welcoming you.

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