Why Do People Support National Socialism?

This can be sometimes a very hard ideology to understand—especially given the fact that under Hitler, National Socialists were responsible for the death of many thousands of British People. Yet Far-Right Extremists who claim to be British Patriots, are in fact supporting this monstrous and barbaric ideology.

A National Socialist in the Modern era

To understand the reason why—we must first realise that National Socialism operates in a cult-like way, much like the format created by Charles Manson and the Manson Family. Modern Day National Socialists have franchised out into Independent Activist or even Terrorist Cells with the clear aim of inflicting suffering upon other people. The Brand of National Socialism that Adolf Hitler created is far removed from the present day form we are seeing in this Country and others —this is because under Hitler, National Socialism required a Leader—but now we are seeing the concept of “Leaderless Resistance” as championed by Far-Right Extremists  since the 1990’s and groups like National Action.

Perhaps it is the promises of Camaraderie or Brotherhood—the lure of a better life for you and your family—or maybe it is the colourful propaganda and organised Social Media recruitment drives—National Socialism is thriving in Modern Day Britain, and that is something we should all be very alarmed at.

National Socialism sets itself to be the friend of the alienated, the forgotten and the hopeless. Of course, this is a lie, but a very carefully designed line of propaganda to draw the most vulnerable in our society. Recognising that people who are often drawn to these ideologies are vulnerable and can be exploited, National Socialist recruiters seek to manipulate and brainwash through savvy Technology use and slogans.

So often the term “Neo-Nazi” has been used to describe those who adhere to National Socialist principles—and this literally means a Nazi in Modern times. However, the underlying reason for people wanting to obtain this particularly vulgar and petulant title must be addressed as so often, these people are ignored in society.

National Socialist recruiters are all-to-aware that those who are seeking to join such Far-Right movements will already have reached a position of external—and internal—hatred in their lives. For the Recruiters, it’s about harnessing this hatred and direct it towards a particular Race or Group of people—for National Socialists, that hatred is so often driven towards the British Jewish Community.

The lure and tale of Conspiratorial narratives can fully engulf the mind of somebody going through this radicalisation process. ‘Neo-Nazis’ recognise that Conspiracy theories are easily deployed to build up the Paranoia within the mind of the initiate. So often we see Far-Right Extremists using 9/11 or the ‘New World Order’ Theories to further drive in the mind of those who are being recruited, that National Socialism is the only way to address these issues.

For most normal people at School, we are taught about the evils of Hitler and the fact that he was responsible for the Death of Millions—yet National Socialists forget to mention this and instead paint Hitler as a force of good. Here those embracing National Socialism will either seek to ignore the facts of the holocaust or even in the most extreme cases embrace, even saying it wasn’t enough. This is truly terrifying and while hard to discuss, we must because we need to build buffers now to stop people reaching this point and this is why it is so important people understand the grave situation, we are in. The far-right have been around in this country for nearly 100 years and if we do not get serious and invest in long-term solutions to tackle the far-right, then we are condemning future generations to suffer at the hands of these extremists and for both the good of society, those involved and their families, action is needed now to tackle this issue head on.

Looking at how National Socialists operate, this powerful Martyrdom of Adolf Hitler will then serve as a figure of inspiration for the initiate, and so often as we see in our work with EXIT UK, those who are going through that process are without a Father or positive Male role model in their lives. For these people, Adolf Hitler becomes a psychological Father Figure who is there when needed—whether there is comfort harvested from watching his Speeches, or simply looking at powerful images of the ‘Fuhrer’. Understanding this is vital to tackling extremism and this is where positive male role models, such as Exit mentors and others is so important and vitally needed.

Sometimes there can also be a religious element added to the mix—as increasingly we are seeing a link between Far-Right Extremism and Quasi-Religious National Socialist Cults. This has often been termed ‘Esoteric Nationalism’ and encompasses a spiritual element to the perceived Far-Right fight. Using powerful mythological figures and examples as a way of explaining their worldview, Esoteric National Socialists can convince those who are looking to join, that God is on their side, and this is very powerful and something we need to look at how to challenge.

The Truth is that there are many reasons as to why somebody would wish to be involved with National Socialism. Now as much as it may be hard to understand we have to look at the reasons why people see National Socialism as the answer to their needs and instead of people reaching out to dangerous organisations, society as a whole needs to look at this and provide safe places to talk about people’s concerns and provide vehicles for people to get their needs met.

Looking for answers, the most important thing now to look at is how we address this and seek to rehabilitate people after a lifetime being involved in Far-Right Extremism.

To this end this is exactly what Exit is doing, but we need people to support our work. If you like to help, please get in touch at – info@exituk.org , detailing any skills you can share or support you can offer.

Only by working together, can we reduce extremism and create a safer country for us all.

Join us!

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