Life in Prison for Far-Right Extremists

Having spent nearly Three-Years in Prison for my involvement in Far-Right Extremism, I will be the first to attest and expose the grim reality of the kind of experience that lays in wait for you.

The First thing to remember is that you are not going to Prison as a normal kind of inmate, you are going into Prison with the crosshair above your head that firmly reads “Racist”. Within the British Prison Estate, Racism is something that is deeply frowned upon and very quickly if you are labelled with this, you are going to run into Hot Water. Often there is no help to be found within Prison, if you are on your own or isolated—nobody will take your side when you are being attacked by a group of people, because of your Far-Right connections.

Having completely hated Sex-Offenders, I was offered a place on the “Vulnerable People’s” Wing because of the threat posed to me by other Prisoners due to my involvement in the Far-Right. I refused this because of my position against Paedophiles—I didn’t want to be living with them on a Prison Wing. Yet, in making this decision I ultimately forfeited my right to extra protection and security in the Prison as I found out one Winter. Regularly, I would use my Exercise Period—for half an hour—to walk around the Prison Yard, on this one occasion it would prove to be a dangerous mistake.

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I wasn’t aware of how much people knew about my past or connections to Far-Right Extremism, so as I walked around the Prison Yard, I could never have foreseen the punch which knocked me out to the ground. A Black Man, well over Six Foot in height, and well built, came towards me, and hit me down as I walked around. At this time, I was relatively skinny and was no match for this Man—and by the time he had thrown the punch and due to the position where it had landed, I was a goner. Other inmates came towards me as I was laying lifeless on the floor, but others shouted across the Yard: “Don’t Help him, he’s a racist”—and in that moment I knew that I was going to be totally alone on my journey.

Looking back—I learned that this was a lucky escape because the Man who attacked me had a gang who were planning on attacking me with sharpened toilet sticks in my cell. Because of the severity of the attack against me, I was placed in Isolation—and I refused to give names or engage in any kind of “Grassing”, I just had to deal with it. The Prison Authorities decided to move me into another Prison because it was assumed that I would face further threat if I remained in this Prison. Years later—when in another Prison—I learned of the actual planned attack against me with sharpened toilet brushes, I was incredibly grateful for what I perceived as a lucky escape.

Even after you are attacked in a violent and brutal way, and wherever they put you within the Prison Estate, there is always the intrenched feeling of having to watch your back and plan your every move. Many well-spoken individuals, or people who do not fit the bill of being “Criminal”, are automatically assumed to be Police Officers or Paedophiles, and so-often, without even questioning the individual they are attacked based upon the paranoia of others. Routinely people would be scarred for life, lose an eye, or face horrific burns because they were the victims of a mistaken identity attack in Prison.

In my whole journey within the British Prison System, the safest place I felt was on a wing in a particular Prison which was designated for Lifers—people who had killed one or multiple people. I was housed with Serial Killers and Murderers who openly admitted to their Crimes, and yet in this place of horror, I felt comfort and solitude. The reason for this was because on the Lifer Wings, often there is order and rules to live by. Most Prison Lifers understand that to have a somewhat safe life and existence behind bars, they must maintain order on the Wings. There is often a chance that these Lifer Prisoners will one day be released—and they will not do anything to jeopardize their chances. Even on a Lifer Wing in Prison, you are still not 100% safe because you can never account for what an individual might do if they have been influenced by drugs such as spice.

All of this, is something to bear in mind and think about before going into prison —you are going to be exposed to a culture of drugs and open accessibility to some of the worst drugs in the Country including drugs such as Heroin, Spice, Weed, Crack and Cocaine—Sadly many Prisons have every Drug imaginable, and you are never far away from the Sadness and Misery that it causes. Some people serving a particularly long sentence will often look to start using Drugs to ease their time—or make time seem like it’s going by faster. The reality is that they are simply giving themselves a longer sentence and harming themselves severely in the process.

Luckily for me—I was not in a relationship at the time of going into Prison—but for some people this can be an impossible situation to navigate. Around about 90% of the people who I saw coming into Prison ended up splitting up with their partners because of the sentence. Even if they didn’t break it off, there was the everyday torment of knowing that it would be a very long time until you can be together again—and for many people this is intolerable. Unless you are with an exceptional person who is willing to stand by you unequivocally, then my best advice to you is to knock any relationship off before you go to Prison, because ultimately the Mental torture of this will make your sentence far more unbearable than you can imagine. If you have Children or family members who are dependant on you, then imagine the damage and problems that will arise out of your going to Prison, how is this going to affect them? I think the answer is obvious, you’re going to cause them untold misery and suffering.

Then there is your own mental health and the problems you’re going to face whilst being locked up, as you begin to lose your mind and struggle daily to find sanity. So often—and mostly due to boredom or just the fact you’ve been imprisoned—you’re going to stray off into the realm of fantasy and concoct things that simply aren’t true. Many people get involved in strange conspiracy theories or even start practising satanism—ritualistic or otherwise. I have encountered people who believe that the Prison is full of reptiles, and that God is going to come into their Cell at 1am in the Morning and free them. Whilst it is true, you are going to find that many of these people have come to these mad conclusions due to drug use, there are also many who simply lose their minds and drift off into insanity, never to return.

You’re going to have to be ready to spend long periods of time in isolation with absolutely nothing—the longest I spent in this situation was 3 Months over the Summer of 2016. During my Time in the Block I was only let out for one shower a day and 20 minutes’ worth of exercise in a small, secluded brick-walled Yard. Luckily, I went into the Block with a DAB Radio that I had managed to purchase in the weeks prior, and this became a very good friend during my time spent there. The Block (Segregation Unit) I spent time in was a 3 up, 3 down unit with windows—so you were able to communicate with the other Prisoners there. This ability to communicate was also a blessing, but also, we were able to pass tobacco and food to Each-other, to make the time down there more bearable. In order to pass good, you would have to rip up your bed-sheets and make what is termed as a “line”, to swing to another window where somebody would be able to catch this. This was all about survival and the conversations I had down there during that Summer, really saw the time through. However, you must also be prepared for long nights with little or no sleep due to people coming into the Block and setting fires or flooding their cells out. This can be a very testing place, but if you are able to survive a period in a Prison Segregation Unit then you will be able to achieve anything in coming out of that place.

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During my Time in Prison, for half of the Sentence I was able to buy Tobacco from the Canteen Menu and smoke it openly—and a cigarette became a great friend. Now, Smoking has been outlawed in Prison and you are unable to obtain any tobacco legally. This is also something you must consider when going to Prison, the fact that you will not be able to legally smoke whilst spending your time there.

The bottom line is that if you are going to Prison, you are going to have a miserable time—but if you are going there as a Far-Right Extremist then you have pretty much been condemned to Hell and the time you will spend incarcerated will be some of the worst years of your life.

So the best thing to do, to prevent suffering the way I have,  is to either never get involved in the first place and concentrate on your future or  leave the Far-Right now , before it’s too late and salvage your life before you reach this point, because trust me you really don’t want to go there.

If you need help or support, please call 0800 999 1945 or email us at:

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