Far-Right Doubts

Being involved In Extremism can be an incredibly nerve-racking and a mentally challenging lifestyle which often results in much doubt and concern—a heavy burden to carry during daily life, yet to the Far-Right Activist, these fears are normal.

Some doubts may revolve around the direction the group is taking—this is even more poignant given what we have seen with organisations such as National Action and the System Resistance Network. Unsure about the direction of your organisation and general doubts about your ideology can lead to a dark state of paranoia and confusion.

The internal doubt which builds upon membership of these organisations, will often result in the consideration of leaving the Movement in favour of an Exit Strategy and a life away from extremism. Individuals who get involved with Far-Right Extremism often do so for a number of what they perceive as ‘valid reasons’, so often proven to be invalid after encountering the true nature of the group they are joining. The invalidity of the Far-Right group in question is driven by a desire to uncover the truth, and often we find this truth is led by a series of questions including:

  • Will the Far-Right group ever actually achieve anything?
  • Is there doubt centred around the leadership of the group?
  • What are the true aims of the group? Is the messaging different from their inner beliefs?
  • Is the individual going to experience legal ramifications such as Imprisonment for continued membership?
  • What impact will involvement in the Far-Right have upon the individuals’ Family and Friends?
  • What is the real, long-term cost of membership? Not just financially, but mentally and emotionally as well, is it all worth it?

When an individual involved with Far-Right Extremism begins to have these questions, it is often the beginning of the end, as often these doubts and concerns grow and here people need support to walk away and move on.

Once someone reaches this stage, this is often the point people reach out and this is where Exit comes in.

Through a strong EXIT Strategy and non-judgemental helping-hand, Exit can help the individual safely remove themselves from Far-Right Extremism and give them an opportunity to return to Society. This is extremely important, as not only do we need people to come back and get involved with society, but we also need society to understand and forgive people, because if we don’t then people may stay involved because they have no where else left to go, instead of embracing this chance to leave and rebuild their lives again, away from hate and extremism.

The Truth is that so often, Far-Right groups underperform and are disappointing to the people who join them. This is because many of these groups belong better within the realms of fantasy and are therefore poorly executed. The problem here is that groups which meet this fringe criteria are so often linked to the worst kind of Terrorism. Sometimes we have a situation whereby these fantasy-based groups become desperate for attention and seek to become more Extreme and provocative in their deeds and often use their vulnerable activists to carry out atrocities.

Perhaps when somebody who has recently joined a Far-Right Extremist group weighs up the cost of membership, they will find then the ultimate opportunity to leave and make something of their life—which otherwise would be wasted in Membership to the Far-Right.

It is a sad reality that so many individuals go on to waste their whole life being involved in Far-Right Extremist organisations, achieving nothing, only to realise this when it is to late.

Seeking to show people all extremism is wrong, Exit seeks to break the cycle of hate and get people to reject extremism and violence and focus on the future they can have, but the individual must want it.

If you have doubts, want a chat with someone who understands, then please talk to Exit.                      As former activists we know what it is like and can help to start your journey to a better life, it can be done.

W: http://www.smallsteps.ltd

E: info@exituk.org

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