How the Japanese Samurai Culture has been adopted by the British Far-Right

From an outsider’s glance, the worlds of the Japanese Samurai and British Far-Right may seem a good distance apart. The connections however run much deeper and by taking a look within the murky inside world of the Far-Right we can exclusively show you how the two are connected.

The Samurai–the most noble and feared warrior in all of Japan, the image which comes to mind when thinking about Japanese History. A Centuries old epoch of Training and mastering the Arts of Warfare have led to a tradition which has spun the continent of Japan and the World over. The Samurai live by the fearless code of Bushido and within this system of belief, a practitioner may find himself at Death’s mercy simply through the act of Yawning.

Yawning in others’ presence is not a proper thing to do. For an unexpected yawn, rub your forehead with an upward stroke of your hand, which is usually enough to stifle a yawn. When that does not work, keep the yawn from being noticed by others by licking tight-shut lips with your tongue tip, hiding the yawn with your sleeve, your hand, etc. … Yawns and sneezes, more often than not, make you look foolish.

The Hagakure, Yamamoto Tsunetomo

Yes–there is even proper guidance about what to do in the dreadful event that one should let out the almighty sin of a Yawn. At face value this may seem somewhat trivial and nonsensical, given that–as you may think–these traditions are based within the 18th Century, rather than the 21st. A rigid ideology or philosophy has often been the main driving force behind the rhetoric and extremism that lies within Far-Right hatred. The teachings of Hagakure are an excellent doctrine for the Far-Right to establish themselves as stern and rigid advocators of an authoritarian predisposition.

We have found evidence that links these beliefs to the training being conducted in paramilitary Far-Right Camps on the continent. Not only are initiates taught the rules of Bushido but also are given extensive Katana-based Sword training in which they are taught the easiest and most efficient way to decapitate someone. Frightening this may be–to think that these individuals are then returned to the shores of Britain and told to establish a National Socialist Terrorist Cell in the hearts of our communities–is utterly terrifying.

The National Socialist Japanese Worker’s Party was established in 1982. The NSJWP blames the Jews for the destruction of Hiroshima and cites this as one of the main reasons for existing. Whilst these claims are totally ridiculous, the Party has achieved national support in Japan with it’s Leader Yamada Kazunari constantly appearing at Rallies or marches. Kazunari has been linked to the now banned British group, National Action, and has been directly involved with funding past campaigns conducted by the group.

Yamada Kazunari

At one time as we are to understand from the testimony of Former Members, ‘offers were made to secure training in Japan for members of National Action’. This was said to be a fully funded programme of Japanese Samurai training under the watchful eye of the Leader, Yamada Kazunari and his Japanese National Socialist thugs.

There have been a niche few within the recently formed Patriotic Alternative who have sought to capture the attention of potential new recruits with Japanese anime. Often we find the Anime is related to the Samurai Warrior and promoted Bushido as a way of life. It seems that the connections which had been established between the Japanese Far-Right and the British remains strong to this day.

Bushido [the samurai code of conduct], I have found out, lies in dying. When confronted with two alternatives, life and death, one is to choose death without hesitation. There is nothing particularly difficult; one has only to be resolved and push forward. … If one, through being prepared for death every morning and evening, expects death any moment, bushido will become his own, whereby he shall be able to serve the lord all his life through and through with not a blunder.

The Hagakure, Yamamoto Tsunetomo

In understanding Bushido by the teaching in The Hagakure, we are led to the conclusion that when practised in reality we are confronted with what is essentially an Extremist philosophy. Everything is there–you have the promise of a reward upon death given your life is led in a certain way. There is the reprisals for failing to adhere to the strict rules of which are set out within Bushido. You have the hesitation and inclination for Killing, aided of course by a big almighty sword. Ultimately, you can see where this is going–you take these ideas and then put them in the hands of dangerous Far-Right Extremists and we have a very dangerous situation.

Most in the Far-Right respect the Japanese and do not have racially-led views about what should happen to them. Often this is because of history, given that the Imperial Japanese sided with Hitler to help form the Axis. On closer inspection and as we have discovered in this article, there is much more than meets the eye and this especially true and relevant of the modern day British Far-Right.

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