The Festival of England: EXIT UK to launch new Campaign in run up to St George’s Day

EXIT UK is promoting St George’s Day across Social media by launching a Festival of England designed to promote Place Not Race and celebrate all that makes us English.

The new incentive launched exclusively via the EXIT UK Facebook page will be taking place from April 19th-23rd over all Social Media platforms.

In the face of Extremists who would seek to use St George’s Day as a platform to spread hate, EXIT is instead promoting and encouraging support for our National Day by Celebrating the positives.

A spokesperson for EXIT UK said:

“St George’s Day is our day to be proud of everything that we have achieved as a Nation. This is a time to stand side-by-side united, irrespective of Race or Religion and celebrate the things that we have in common. For too long now, the Far-Right have attempted to use St George’s Day to recruit for Far-Right organisations and it’s about time that we all collectively recognise that, but more importantly do something about it. We have launched the Festival of England to promote ‘Place not Race’ and take a united look at everything that it means to be English”

Anybody can take part in the campaign by using the #FestivalOfEngland Hashtag on Social Media and promoting Patriotic Positivity. Those wanting to get involved can also share EXIT UK’s Social Media content or post their own in line with the Campaign.

After the Death of Prince Philip and the Funeral that followed, the Nation remains in a state of unity and there is no better time than now following the sadness to celebrate positivity and channel that energy into a National cause.

In this great time of uncertainty–mostly due to the ensuing Pandemic–there is always hope and comfort placed within days of National Pride and Celebration. This year especially, people should be able to enjoy and take part in activities around St George’s Day without fearing persecution or being exposed to Far-Right propaganda.

To rally around a National Celebration and promote a Festival of England is a small feat in the road to recovery, but for many this is something positive and comforting to embrace and enjoy during what has been some of our darkest days. In order to maintain our identity and continue to enjoy the traditions and culture that have become so very English in every aspect, this year–2021–should be no different to any other.

We are lucky in the way of having a Patron Saint who is not only a figure of Internationality, but also has the unique ability to unite people irrespective of the differences. As the Coronavirus restrictions begin to the lift and life finds some quantum of reality once more, we encourage people to take this day–St George’s Day–and have a mighty fine celebration, remembering all that connects us as a people.

The Festival of England with culminate with a special announcement from EXIT UK on April 23rd and a few surprises along the way.

We also recommend checking out Cultural England’s blog for a better understanding of St George’s Day and how this is celebrated in our Country.

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