EXIT Media to launch on St George’s Day

It seems only right to launch on the Feast day of our Patron Saint as we begin to bring you the latest in developments from EXIT UK and broadcast a new spectrum of programming designed to be informative, engaging and intrepid—everything that EXIT Media will attempt to be.

Over the next few months there will be a release of new programming from EXIT Media on our flagship broadcasting YouTube Channel EXIT TV. We will bring you the latest news from EXIT UK but also cover a wide array of topics and subjects relating to Counter-Extremist narratives in a long fielded educational campaign against Hatred in Britain.

On our Podcasting station hosted at Buzzsprout, we will be bringing you personal communication from the mouths of those who have been within the Far-Right. On the EXIT Podcast we will cover a wide range of specialist insider-knowledge and exclusives, smashing open the door and taking a good long look at what it is really like to be involved in Extremism. The EXIT Podcast will be an audio-only platform, with Podcasting available via Spotify and other major platforms.

EXIT Media is exclusively ran and operated by Former members of the Far-Right and you will be given an insightful opportunity to understand what that really means, along with an in-depth viewing into the workings of a Far-Right organisation. Not only do we highlight the growing threat of Far-Right Extremism but we also analyse the rise of Far-Left Extremism and take an ‘All Extremism is Wrong’ approach to all of the programming released through EXIT Media.

So as today we launch into the public, we welcome you to begin this journey with us and to encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube Channel in order to be first in line for latest content. Please also take the time to Like and Follow our Social Media accounts on Facebook and Twitter for further exclusives.


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